Sky Shield Disable – Fix

Users with SKY as their ISP are having problems with KODI, I did some research and its seems that the Shield software that SKY provide is to blame. In short it’s a service that is meant to protect children or allow the user control and filter out any content (sites)

As far as I know new customers have this enabled by default, its very easy to check and see if its enabled, and, of course, disable it!


  • Go To: http://www.sky.com/shop/broadband-talk/broadband-shield/


  • Then Sign-in


  • If you are taken back to the the Sky home page, then return to: http://www.sky.com/shop/broadband-talk/broadband-shield/


  • Then click on Activate your Sky Broadband Shield (this can be misleading as it not guarantee that the shield is already OFF)


  • It is most likely set to “Suitable for everyone”, or “Teens & Older”.


  • What we suggest, is that you DO disable it completely only for testing purposes. The quickest way to do this, is to select “Suitable for Adults Only” and press “Save Settings”


  • Wait 10 minutes to ensure the settings have taken effect. If Kodi streams do not work after this fix, then revisit.Then amend your settings in custom one at a time, and retest  after each change to ensure Kodi is still working


This should hopefully fix the streaming issuess.

Now its in your hands, to either disable the shield completely or not. If you have children then please understand disabling the shield completely is at your discretion.

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